The Performance Features on the Ford Focus Make It Special

When it comes to performance vehicles, you might not think about compact cars as ranking near the top. Ford has developed the Focus with the opposite mentality in mind. You will find that there are a number of performance features that really make this is a fun and reliable vehicle to drive.

As you look at the seven different trim levels of the Ford Focus, you will find that each has a slightly different performance rating. This gives you more control over the driving experience. If you want a lot of power, you can go with the 2.3 Liter EcoBoost engine. This comes with 350 horsepower.

The Ford Focus also has an electric model. Even that version is quite impressive from a performance perspective, containing 184 lb-ft of torque under the engine. Combine that with the 118 MPG you get in the city and you are set. Test drive the Focus today at Riverside Ford.

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