Ford F-150 Is The Toughest Truck

The toughest and most popular full-size pickup truck in existence is undoubtedly the new Ford F-150. If you are looking for a truck that communicates with you to make your driving experience superior, then you will want to experience a test drive inside the Ford F-150.

The Terrain Management System inside the Ford F-150 lets you set the speed anywhere from 1 to 20 mph, and the truck handles the rest, adjusting traction, braking and torque to each individual wheel as needed so you can sit back, relax inside the completely luxurious driver's seat, and enjoy the ride.

Work harder and smarter with features like the integrated tailgate step with lift assist. Once you go for a ride in the Ford F-150, you won't have room in your heart for any other truck on the market. So, what are else are you searching for? Go and take the F-150 for a test drive already?

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