Freshen Up Your Ride by Spring Cleaning Your Car

Spring Cleaning | Havelock, NC 

Spring is the season of change, and plenty of us undertake spring cleaning tasks each year to freshen up our lives for the warmer months. This year, extend your spring cleaning to your car, cleaning off winter’s dirt and grime. Inside and out, your vehicle could use some TLC following winter, so here are some spring cleaning tips for your car.

  • Wash away winter’s debris:

    Start your spring car cleaning on your car’s exterior, scrubbing down the body and tires and hosing off the underbody. To prevent water spots, dry your car with a microfiber towel.
  • Freshen up the interior:

    It’s inevitable that clutter accumulates in your vehicle’s interior during the winter months, so spend some of your spring cleaning time decluttering and getting rid of trash. Once you declutter the interior, vacuum your vehicle’s upholstery and carpeting. If your floor mats have salt stains, remove them from your vehicle and use soap and water to clean them. Next, clean all interior surfaces and use glass-cleaning spray on your windows.
  • Check your wiper blades:

    Winter’s ice can be tough on windshield wiper blades, causing damage to their rubber edge. This results in them being less effective at clearing your windshield, which is particularly important during spring’s rainy weather. If they’re streaking while in use, replace your wiper blades.

Cleaning your vehicle after the winter is important for its overall health. For more extensive maintenance, bring your car in for service at Riverside Ford.

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