Is a Ford Super Duty Right for Me?

Whether you run a small business, operate a farm or want a reliable vehicle for your family’s personal use, the Ford Super Duty is worth a second look. This popular heavy-duty pick-up truck brand is a favorite of drivers from all walks of life and for good reason. The team at Riverside Ford in Havelock, NC is pleased to offer the latest edition of the Ford Super Duty, and we’re sure that you’ll like what you see.

The Super Duty’s outer shell is made from a high-quality aluminum alloy that’s designed to resist damage and stand up to all types of weather. The steel frame underneath means that the Super Duty is capable of carrying cargo and towing heavy loads with ease.

Well-designed brakes translate to an extra level of safety when on the road. The Super Duty also comes with a standard stability system that’s intended to prevent rollovers and improve control while towing a trailer.

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