Access Convenient Information While Driving a Ford EcoSport

Modern automobiles are driven by data and technology. When you drive a Ford EcoSport, you'll have many opportunities to access valuable data by using a convenient eight-inch touchscreen near the steering wheel.

The technology that powers the EcoSport's console has common interactive options. You can launch tools and apps on the screen by pinching, tapping, and swiping the panel. On this screen, there is enough space for two rows of apps, and each row can support four applications.

The Ford EcoSport's console has dozens of tools that play music, provide maps, and more. You can examine many of the available applications after hopping in an EcoSport's cabin. At Riverside Ford, we give consumers this opportunity, and we also set up convenient test drives around town. Our test drive sessions are very educational, so you'll learn a lot about the Ford EcoSport if you arrange a trip with one of our salesmen in Havelock, NC.

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