Smart Safety Features in the Ford Mustang

Advances in technology have created smart systems that are capable of keeping drivers safe. Ford offers many of these systems in the new Mustang. This popular sports car is available to drivers in Havelock with the advanced Pre-Collision Assist system and Adaptive Cruise Control.

The Pre-Collision Assist feature utilizes cameras and sensors to monitor the road ahead of you. If it senses a potential collision with another vehicle or road obstacle, the Mustang will let you know through visual and audible alerts. It may even apply the brakes automatically to reduce the risks of an accident. The system works at both fast and slow speeds. It's so refined that it's even capable of detecting a pedestrian.

Our team at Riverside Ford is very excited to show off the Adaptive Cruise Control system. It uses the same sensors and cameras as the previous feature. However, it uses the data gathered to help you move with the flow of traffic. Once initiated, the car will maintain a set speed and distance from the driver in front of you.

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