At Riverside Ford we've been taking a good look at both the classic and SHO versions of the 2019 Ford Taurus, and we'll admit we'd have a hard time deciding which one we'd prefer to drive.

The standard Taurus features a 288HP 3.5L Ti-VCT engine that gets very good fuel economy when using 93-octane fuel. The SHO version includes a 365HP EcoBoost V6 engine that feels very sporty, especially for a car this size. All SHO models also come with a sport-tuned suspension including special shock absorbers, springs, strut-mount bushings, and stabilizer bars. This almost makes it feel more like one of Ford's GT models than a stock Taurus.

Both vehicles offer good performance, even when dealing with congested Havelock streets. They also both include a special six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission system that makes deciding between the two an even tougher decision. Granted, it's a pretty pleasant decision to have to make.

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