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While most trucks come with a tough configuration, your truck bed is often more vulnerable to wear and tear - more so than other components. Exposure to sunlight, loading and unloading of cargo, and sleet and hail can be factors to this common happenstance. Each of these can leave a serious mark on the wide surface area of the bed. This is why you must practice good truck bed maintenance.

Keep Your Bed Clean

Remove any dirt, grit, stones, or buildup that accumulates in your truck. Using a soft-bristled broom is often a great tool for this. Material in the bed, rubbing against the paint, can often do a lot of damage. While snow is less common in North Carolina than up north, it's also important to keep the bed free of any snow or ice. Avoid using shovels though, as they can damage the paint.

Get a Bed Liner

Buying a bed liner is a great way to keep the pickup bed intact. Drop-in liners are a great option because they are relatively easy to install, and you can also remove them if you want to sell the truck later. Spray-in liners are sometimes more expensive, and they often need to be professionally installed. If possible, get a skid-proof liner to prevent materials from rolling around.

Get a Tonneau or Camper Cover

Tonneau covers work like a shield, and they lay flat over the bed. While many people like them for their sleek and modern look, you may be better off with a camper cover if you want to maximize utility. Camper covers or caps are rounded, and they offer plenty of shade and protection for the bed. Both tonneau and camper covers will keep any thieves from stealing your cargo as well.

Stop by Riverside Ford for more advice on sustaining the appearance of your truck's cargo bed.


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